Whitefield Community Graveyard Group

12 Graveyard (1)Our aim is to maintain and, where possible, make improvements to both the safety and appearance of the Graveyard.

We meet on Monday and Friday mornings. During the spring and summer much of our time is devoted to cutting the grass.

12 Graveyard (2)During the other seasons we will check and where necessary try to make any unstable headstones safe. We have put in several new paths and improved some of the existing ones. some years ago we cleared the bank that is now used for the burial of ashes of large stones, brambles and tree stumps. This not only improved the appearance but made valuable extra space within the Churchyard.

Some of the work is quite heavy, but there are lighter tasks, so whatever your physical strength your help would be most welcome. We are a friendly group.

For more information contact:
David Davies on 0161 766 9514
Graham Gaskell on 0161 766 8330