All Saints Youth Group – at present the group is suspended.

About us

Our youth group is open to everyone and provides a vehicle for young people who attend to talk about issues of interest, to explore traditional ideas and those that concern any young person growing up.

At the moment, we have a number of young people who practise a faith so it’s been a good place to talk about both ideas and challenges.

Overall, it’s a community youth group where we have fun, make and build relationships, through games, crafts and socialising.

One of the aspects of our youth group is the 20 minute discussion. Here we sit down and chill together with refreshments and have a discussion and talked about topical things, climate change the election, bullying, relationships etc.

We are Toilet Twinning!

Here is our toilet twinning certificate

Recently the youth group has been talking about an initiative called toilet twinning Reverend Trudie was approached by Bury’s ex mayor (who approached us) and talked to us about this initiative that in a very practical way provided toilet and hand washing facilities in disadvantaged and marginalised communities around the world. The group was to select an initiative that most appealed to them. They also took time to come up with various fund raising ideas if when we publicise this initiative the church wants to carry on with this work.

Here are some photos of when we were doing pin the tail on the toilet and we did a quiz showing some interesting facts about toilet twinning and we made some posters,  we’ve not been able to meet since we made them. But here are the photos.