Gill's 'visit' to church last Sunday morning

On Sunday morning, without the benefit of the routine of getting organised from the night before and going to church, I decided to try and use my imagination
and project myself there, so…….
I walked across Church Lane, and as usual, just as I reached the steps, Jack and the others started ringing the bells to welcome us all in…. then a meet and greet with whoever would be on duty, collecting the pew sheet etc and taking my place. I like routine so always sit in the same pew, in front of Lucy, Barbara, Jean and Bessie, but behind Jackie and Sam and Trevor (with his very strong cough sweets-I never know if they are meant to help you or make you cough more!) Being early, it is interesting and lovely to see the life of the church being breathed into all its corners – in my mind’s eye I always see Oliver lighting the candles on the High Altar and their glow picking out the gold and colours on the screen; various people starting to fill up the pews, the white robed altar helpers sometimes scurrying up and down with communion bread and wine, and perhaps then Arthur lights up the area around the Lady Chapel in preparation for Healing Prayers after Communion.(Who knew there was a little cupboard behind the panel, hidden at the back with switches in!).
Then Richard starts up the organ-sometimes I know what he plays, other times not, but it is so enjoyable that I just let it wash over me. I then zone out of the chatter of friends meeting up, or discussing church business and I focus on the absolutely electric blue of some stained glass, very high up above the altar-I’m always drawn up there, over the Rood Screen(passed the little dead bat!), wondering how anybody could get up there to dust and on towards the apex of the roof.
Last Mother’s Day I saw Chris Dodd’s granddaughter- a tiny girlie looking like Elizabeth,with the beautiful flame coloured hair, and she was giving out flowers to the congregation. How sad there were none for Phillipa this year – she will be missed at Stand for a very long time-I always “look” for her near the vestry but don’t know why.
It is also a year since the Mother’s Union celebrated receiving their brand new banner which shines resplendent in blues and gold, and sad that they, like many groups will not meet up now. So….we don’t know what the service would have been like for this Mother’s Day, except that if Church and the coffee time had gone ahead, people would have been amongst friends. Hopefully, God will help us through this terrible event and although it would seem there is a very difficult time ahead, I pray for all at Church and in the community, and that we will be able to meet again in happier days.
Gill Cusick